Chai xịt dầu silicone bôi trơn, phục hồi nhựa, cao su, bảo vệ mạch điện Wurth Silicone Spray 500ml

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Chai xịt dầu silicone bôi trơn, phục hồi nhựa, cao su, bảo vệ mạch điện Wurth Silicone Spray 500ml

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Đảm bảo bảo vệ lâu dài các chi tiết nhựa, cao su, kim loại không bị giòn và đóng rắn
Bôi trơn các chi tiết, chống tĩnh điện, bảo vệ tiếp xúc chống ẩm ( có thể dùng xịt các khớp điện hay vị trí cảm biến nhạy cảm trước khi vệ sinh khoang máy)
Ngăn chặn tiếng kêu rít rít khó chịu do ma sát các chi tiết 
Chai 500ml

Ensures long-lasting protection, preservation and insulation of exterior and interior plastic, rubber and metal parts; good lubricating properties
  • Plastic parts retain a high-gloss finish and do not become brittle
  • Rubber parts are protected, do not become brittle and do not freeze or stick
  • Impregnated folding roofs and hoods
  • Anti-static effect (dust-repellent)
  • Protects electrical contacts against moisture
  • Sliding roof and seat rails, seat belt rollers etc. run smoothly
  • Prevents squeaks and creaks between dissimilar materials, e.g. metal/plastic etc.
  • Serves as an installation aid, e.g. for hose connections
  • No staining

The usage instructions are recommendations based on the tests we have conducted and are based on our experience; carry out your own tests before each application. Due to the large number of applications and storage and processing conditions, we do not assume any liability for a specific application result. Insofar as our free customer service provides technical information or acts as an advisory service, no responsibility is assumed by this service except where the advice or information given falls within the scope of our specified, contractually agreed service or the advisor was acting deliberately. We guarantee consistent quality of our products. We reserve the right to make technical changes and further develop products.

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Technical Information: 


500 ml


Spray can



Chemical basis

Mineral oil

Shelf life from production

24 Month

Product information:
  • Catalogue page as PDF 1
  • Safety data sheet 1
  • Technical data sheet  1
  • Clearance certificate  1
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