Dung dịch vệ sinh làm sạch nội thất xe Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Carpet Cleaner 16oz

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Dung dịch vệ sinh làm sạch nội thất xe Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Carpet Cleaner 16oz

- Dung dịch làm sạch nội thất (thảm, nệm)
- Thấm sâu vào trong các sợi, làm lỏng chất bẩn, bụi để dễ bị lau đi.
- Không có các hạt làm sạch nên không làm mòn, sờn vải
- Hoạt động tốt với máy làm sạch vải nệm
- Sử dụng được cho hầu hết các loại vải, nệm, nỉ,...
* Hướng dẫn sử dụng:
- Pha loãng với nước sạch (nước cất là tốt nhất) theo tỷ lệ không quá 1 phần dung dịch với 20 phần nước. Tùy theo mức độ của vết bẩn người dùng có thể điều chỉnh tỷ lệ pha 1:10 (ngoại thất) – 1: 15 hay 1:20 (nội thất)
- Xịt lên thảm/nệm và chờ khoảng 30 giây sau đó cọ bằng bàn chải và lau lại bằng khăn microfiber sạch (lưu ý: khi lau chỉ lau theo 1 hướng, tránh lau qua lau lại)
- Để đạt hiệu quả tối ưu có thể dùng kèm với máy extractor hoặc súng tornador

How it Works

Mistakes and spills can happen in the blink of an eye, but the stain can remain for a lifetime. Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor is the super-powerful spot and stain remover for fabrics, upholstery, and carpet. Use Lightning Fast to destroy tough spots and stains from dirt, grease, coffee, soda, wine, and pets. The all-new formula quickly cleans fabric, carpet, and upholstery. Lightning Fast is boosted with stronger cleaning agents to take on even tougher stains, odor elimination properties to destroy foul smells at their source, and anti-bacterial enzymes that disinfect as they clean. Lightning Fast works great as a stand alone product, or as a pre-treatment step for hot water carpet extraction. Simply spray Lightning Fast on the stain, agitate with a brush, then wipe off any residue with a microfiber towel. Lightning Fast is designed to remove the toughest stains from carpet and upholstery. The stain extracting formula removes dirt, mud, coffee, juice, and pet stains easily and safely. The most stubborn stains are lifted from the surface without affecting the color or the feel of the carpet and upholstery. Lightning Fast leaves carpet and floor mats looking like new with no sticky residue. The innovative cleaning formula effectively cleans away stains with less effort. Say goodbye to stains with Lightning Fast Stain Extractor.

Advanced Cleaning Agents

Cleaning fabrics, carpet, and upholstery can be a daunting task. Chemical Guys blended the all new Lightning Fast Stain Extractor with advanced cleaning agents that penetrate deep, dissolve stains, then emulsify dirt and debris to the surface. The advanced cleaning formula is tough on spots and stains, yet gentle on fabrics and dyes. Lightning Fast works hard so you don’t have to; simply spray, agitate, then wipe up. No need for hard scrubbing and brushing to remove set in stains, dirt, grease, or grime. Use Lightning Fast to clean fresh or set-in stains on carpets, fabrics, or upholstery.

Versatile Formula

Lightning Fast works hard across light and heavy stains. Simply spray on light stains, agitate, then wipe away. For heavier stains, pretreat with Lightning Fast, scrub vigorously, then use a hot water extractor for deep and thorough cleaning of dirt, grime, and set-in stains. Lightning Fast is concentrated for strength and can be diluted up to 20:1 with distilled water. Use Lightning Fast Stain Extractor throughout the automobile or home. Use Lightning Fast on cloth seats, carpets, upholstery, headliners, seat belts, and more! Lightning Fast also works great on rubber surfaces. Use Lightning Fast to clean white walls and white emblems on tire sidewalls, or the soles of your favorite running shoes or sneakers.

New Odor Eliminator

Stains are unsightly and last for years, and they stink. Literally! Staining agents like food can rot, rancidify, curdle, or ferment, putting out foul odors and putrid stench. Proper cleaning physically removes the odor-causing molecules from fabrics and upholstery, taking the smell away with them. For those left behind, Lightning Fast is blended with odor-eliminating enzymes that physically destroy and kill odor-causing bacteria and germs. These enzymes destroy odors at their source, leaving behind a fresh, naturally clean scent.

Other Sizes Available

The Lightning Fast Carpet & Upholstery Stain Extractor is also available in a 16 ounce size.

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