Nhớt tổng hợp thượng hạng của Nhật ENEOS Premium Motor Oil Sustina 5W-30 4 lít

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Nhớt tổng hợp thượng hạng của Nhật ENEOS Premium Motor Oil Sustina 5W-30 4 lít

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Chuẩn: API SN-RC     ILSAC GF-5
Cấp nhớt: 5W-30
Km hoạt động: 30,000 km (2 năm sử dụng xe)
Tham khảo: 

Widely used for eco-cars

Best suited for light cars equipped with turbochargers and vehicles run on 5W-30 motor oil such as Subaru.


Passenger Car Engine Oil Laboratory/Bench Test and Engine Test Requirements For API SN-RC/ILSAC GF-5 Categories

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ENEOS PREMIUM MOTOR OIL SUSTINA 5W-30
Special Features

Benefit – A cleaner, longer lasting engine

SUSTINA motor oil is designed to provide long lasting, detergent cleaning power. SUSTINA utilizes the sulfur-free characteristics of ZP, a proprietary additive chemistry that reduces the formation of sulfuric acid, keeping your engine cleaner and running longer.

ZP Technology – Sulfur free additive component

Most engine oil today contains detergent additives to clean your engine as well as “Zinc”, or actually Zinc DialkylDithiophosphates (ZDDP/ZDTP) to provide antiwear performance.

To prevent grime attaching to engine parts, the detergent additive encapsulates dirt and grime, holding it in suspension away from critical engine parts.

Typical ZDDP additive prevents metal-to-metal contact in the engine by forming a protective layer over the surface. The antiwear additive also contains sulfur, which can form harmful acids when exposed to heat, water, and oxygen.

These acids will begin to attack and breakdown detergent additives in the oil. Once the detergent additives are depleted, the engine oil can no longer hold dirt & soot in suspension, allowing these contaminants to build up on engine components. SUSTINA is made using ZP technology, a revolutionary new antiwear additive chemistry that does not contain sulfur. The lack of sulfur and acidic by products prevents oil degradation and achieves superior protection while keeping your engine clean.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Premium Motor Oil Sustina 5W-30

Kết quả hình ảnh cho ENEOS PREMIUM MOTOR OIL SUSTINA 5W-30

API SN Engine Oil Category

In 2010 the American Petroleum Institute introduced a new engine oil category under the name API SN and a new supplemental category called Resource Conserving.

The API SN category is an improvement over the API SM category in the following areas:

  • High temperature deposit protection for pistons
  • Better sludge control
  • Better seal compatibility
  • Aftertreatment compatibility

This means that API SN compares to API SM like this:

API SN and API SM comparison chart

API SN and API SM comparison chart

The Resource Conserving supplemental category requires further properties. The former supplemental category, which was called Energy Conserving required only fuel saving properties from the oil. Resource Conserving requires further properties like:

  • emission system protection
  • turbocharger protection
  • compatibility with engines operating on ethanol containing fuels, up to E-85

The requirements of API SN with the Resource Conserving supplemental category are identical to the requirements of the ILSAC GF-5 standard.

In order for an oil to meet the requirements of API SN or API SN/Resource Conserving it should satisfy the following test criterias:

Viscosity Grades0W20, 0W30, 5W20, 5W30, 10W30OthersMultigrade variations of 0W, 5W and 10W
Laboratory Tests
Sulphur, max %
0Wxx and 5Wxx0.5NR0.5
High temperature deposits, max mg
Foam1 min. settling10 min. settling1 min. settling
Gelation Index12NR12
Emulsion RetentionNRNRNo Water Separation
Seal CompatibilityILSAC GF-5 limits apply
Phosphorous, max% / min%0.08 / 0.06NR / 0.060.08 / 0.06
Engine Tests
Sequence VIDNRNRPass
ROBO or Sequence IIIGAPassNRPass

Source: American Petroleum Institute

Check out our API Engine Oil Categories page for information about further API Oil Standards!

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