Phủ bảo vệ và bóng sơn Chemical Guys Top Coat Carnauba Wax and Sealant in One (16 oz)

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Phủ bảo vệ và bóng sơn Chemical Guys Top Coat Carnauba Wax and Sealant in One (16 oz)

Sự kết hợp mới giữa carnauba truyền thống và sealant tổng hợp giúp hiệu quả bóng được giữ lâu hơn và sâu hơn
Công thức đặc biệt này giúp lấp đi các vết xước nhỏ
Đem lại sự bóng trong và sâu cho bề mặt sơn
Bảo vệ bề mặt sơn hạn chế bám bụi và ngăn tác dụng xấu từ tia UV và môi trường
Độ bền lên đến 12 tháng
Mùi thơm hương vani rất dể chịu
Dể dàng thao tác, hiệu quả nhanh
Dung tích: 473ml

Cách dùng: 
Dùng tay: 
Nhỏ một ít dung dịch lên foam mềm hay khăn microfiber, và trải đều trên bề mặt sơn
Để trong vòng 20 phút
Sau đó lau lại bằng khăn Microfiber
Dùng máy: 
Cho ít dung dịch lên phớt mềm chuyên bôi wax
Chình máy ở tốc độ thấp
Trải đều wax lên bề mặt sơn xe
Chờ 15 phút cho dung dịch 'se' lại và bám sâu trên bề mặt rồi dùng khăn Microfiber lau lại

How It Works

Whether you’re preparing for a high profile car gathering or waxing the daily driver to keep it looking fine, choose Extreme Top-Coat Sealant for next-level shine with durable protection. Car show regulars and concours officials judge paint on three distinct categories: clarity, color, and depth. Amateur detailers and low-rent professionals can spend hours and days preparing for show after show with inferior products without ever winning any best in show prizes or even honorable mentions. Extreme Top-Coat is the only sealant that levels and fills to enhance a beautiful, natural shine unlike any other synthetic product. Speciality leveling agents fill minor swirls and scratches and other imperfections to restore pure clarity, deep luster, and brilliant shine to any painted finish. While full-synthetic sealants are known for their durability and cool shine, natural carnauba wax is known and loved for its warm and wet natural radiance. Extreme Top-Coat is blended with natural Brazilian carnauba wax to give the product the look of a natural paste wax coating with the durability and extreme protection of a full-synthetic sealant. Now professional and enthusiast detailers can have the best of both worlds in one easy to use product. Shield against harmful pollution, natural elements like wind, water, and sun, and enhance a show-winning shine with Extreme Top-Coat Sealant on any paint color under the sun.

Extreme Protection And Extreme Shine

Extreme Top-Coat is the durable protection sealant that conceals minor swirls and scratches, and shines like a natural carnauba paste wax. The synthetic sealant formula protects shiny exterior surfaces against contamination from pollution, brake dust, bird and insect residues, and other natural elements like water spots and tree sap for up to one full year. Self-leveling agents help fill imperfections like swirls and scratches that rob your car of shine. The unique formula helps restore clarity and purity to the reflection to enhance a show car shine. Extreme Top-Coat is a full-strength synthetic sealant blended with natural carnauba wax for enhanced natural shine. The one-step product is blended with enough carnauba to give the look of a meticulously hand-laid paste wax coat in an easy to use cream. Skip multiple steps like polishing, glazing, and waxing: spread one coat of Extreme Top-Coat to reduce the appearance of swirls and scratches, enhance shine and gloss, and protect against the harsh elements with one easy to use product.

Lasting Protection

What’s the point of waxing and prepping a car for a show only to have the whole job washed away after one rainstorm or car wash? Unlike low-grade synthetics and parts store wax jobs, Chemical Guys Extreme Top-Coat protects and shines for months, not weeks. Just one application of Extreme Top-Coat delivers durable protection against the elements and the warm wet shine of natural carnauba wax for up to one full year. Extreme Top-Coat uses detergent-resistant polymers that do not wash away or break down easily by way of car wash soaps and foam cannon solutions. Easily wash the car with any Chemical Guys car wash soap or waterless car wash like EcoSmart without harming the Extreme Top-Coat on the surface. Shield exterior car parts from pollution, contamination, acid rain, brake dust, and more with Extreme Top-Coat Sealant.

Layering Sealants

Professional detailers will often layer products to combine the best traits of each one. It is not unusual to top a glaze with sealant or wax for added protection over enhanced glossy wet shine, or topping a sealant with a layer of natural wax for the warm wet shine that synthetics simply cannot replicate. Extreme Top-Coat is unique because it performs as a self-leveling gloss enhancer, durable protection sealant, and a beautiful traditional wax coat all at once. Lay down a coat of Extreme Top-Coat over any exterior car surface that is painted, shiny, or clear. Protect paintwork, clear optical plastics, glass, polished metals, and even carbon fiber and mirrors from the ravages of harsh sunlight, pollution, road grime, extreme heat, and bitter cold. Layering Extreme Top-Coat ensures 100% even coverage for thorough protection and enhanced shine over any exterior automotive surface. Protect any car, on or off the concours showcase, with the show car shine of Extreme Top-Coat Sealant.