Sáp đánh bóng xe Chemical Guys 50/50 Limited Series Paste Wax-Concourse Wax 8oz

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Sáp đánh bóng xe Chemical Guys 50/50 Limited Series Paste Wax-Concourse Wax 8oz

- Sáp đánh bóng truyền thống với thành phần chính là Carnauba của Brazil.
- Dùng được cho tất cả các màu sơn. Tạo độ bóng và mượt tuyệt hảo. Được nhiều tạp chí chăm sóc ô tô bình chọn là "paste wax tốt nhất"
- Tạo độ bóng mượt cao cấp cho sơn
- Ngăn ngừa các tia UV, bụi bẩn và nước bám vào và làm hỏng sơn xe.
* Hướng dẫn sử dụng:
- Dùng mút hoặc khăn microfiber bôi một lớp mỏng lên bề mặt sơn. Có thể dùng máy để bôi nhưng không khuyến khích
- Cách bôi như sau: đối với capo, mui xe và cốp xe, bôi theo chiều từ trước ra sau. Đối với 2 bên thân xe bôi theo hướng từ trên xuống dưới.
- Chờ 20 phút để wax kết dính với sơn sau đó dùng khăn microfiber cao cấp lau sạch

About 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax

For over 100 years, automotive designers and enthusiasts around the world have praised pure carnauba wax as the ultimate way to achieve the perfect show-winning shine. Any true automotive fanatic can sense the warm glow of pure carnauba on a vehicle from miles away. The amazing depth that pure carnauba wax brings to paintwork is a key factor to achieving the ultimate shine. The rich, warm glow of pure carnauba really attracts the eyes of spectators and car show judges everywhere. The custom 5050 concours formula is designed for perfectionists searching for the deepest shine with unmatched brilliance. We believe designing a custom wax is truly a work of art. The secret Chemical Guys Paste Wax mixture and emulsification process requires a full 18 hours of blending at the precise temperature to ensure a wax that produces the signature glow.

Show-Winning Formula

The secret, show-winning 5050 formula is created through an intense blending process known only to a limited number of individuals. The unique process requires a full 18 hours of blending at the ideal temperature that allows the pure carnauba to blend into a wax that is unbelievably smooth. Once the wax is poured into the heat-resistant tins, they are left to slowly cool at room temperature in an airtight environment to ensure no contamination enters the wax formula. The entire blending and production process takes a full 8 days to complete from start to finish; making 5050 more than just a wax…it’s a work of art! The new and improved formula is designed to give a wetter, deeper look to any color paintwork while also providing unmatched durability to protect your ride again the harmful effects of Mother Nature. After 24 hrs of cooling, each product is tested for any kind of separation or imperfection. The approved tins are placed into a cooling chamber to harden the emulsion and prepare the product to be sealed and packaged for car enthusiast, professionals and auto lovers everywhere to enjoy. Each Tin is signed and numbered by an authorized Chemical Guys quality assurance specialists, guaranteed to be of the finest quality.

Signature Concours Glow

The pure carnauba emulsion of 5050 is designed to allow the original beauty of any vehicle’s paint to appear rich and enchanting with a true coating that only countless years of detailing knowledge and experience can provide. The most captivating characteristic of 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax is the ability to capture the reflection of colors. When a vehicle with 5050 applied to the paintwork drives next to a beach at sunset, the warm orange tones of the sun are captured and projected by the wax. The true deep blue reflections of the ocean can be seen with perfect clarity on dark colored paintwork. This amazing color capturing characteristic is what has grabbed the attention of detailing fanatics around the world.

Exclusive Limited Quantity Production

Each work of art is unique, that is why we produce 5050 exclusively in limited quantities to allow each piece of detailing art to be crafted with the highest level of dedication possible. Each pot of 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax is individually numbered showing that you own a true one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. When you take your classic car or truck to that Sunday car show, you can be sure that your piece of automotive art is wearing a true detailing masterpiece. We hope that our 5050 Concours Paste Wax far exceeds all of your expectations.5050 is based on a custom formula developed for connoisseurs and perfectionists looking to achieve the deepest possible shine and depth with unmatched brilliance. Like all Chemical Guys products, 5050 is 100% backed by our unconditional money back guarantee. Your happiness and business success is our satisfaction. If any of our products don’t meet and exceed your expectations simply return the remainder of the product for a full refund. Word travels fast about great products and for this we thank you!

"Guaranteed the best paste wax at any price..."

When one of the leading auto magazines LUXURY & EXOTICS writes a buyer’s guide on premium car care products, and they selected 5050 to feature, we couldn’t help but get all excited! Thanks to everyone world- wide that made 5050 the premium paste wax of choice. 5050 isn’t just for luxury and exotic vehicles though. A perfectly detailed classic car is just like stepping back in time to the days of drive-in movies, car hop diners, and cruising the boulevard. Many classic car owners take pride in having a fabulous ride that really grabs attention and has all the heads turning just to catch a glimpse. Maintaining the perfect appearance on your classic car or truck often requires hours of detailing to achieve that perfect depth of paintwork. 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax gives your classic car a look that is truly head-turning. Any Impala, Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger can have that show winning shine, just like when the car was driven right off the dealership floor all those decades ago. Just one coat of 5050 Limited Series Concours Paste Wax will enhance the original beauty of your classic car making you fall in love with the show winning shine. The unique 5050 formula provides superior protection to keep your classic ride looking crisp and clean for many years to come. Age is just a number, but classic beauty lasts forever.

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