Vệ sinh kính đậm đặc không gây sọc Chemical Guys Window Clean 16oz

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Vệ sinh kính đậm đặc không gây sọc Chemical Guys Window Clean 16oz

- Công thức đặc biệt không gây sọc khi rửa, an toàn cho mọi bề mặt
- An toàn với mọi bề mặt
- Không làm hỏng lớp film cách nhiệt
- Thành phần không có chất độc hại, không amoniac
- Không chứa nhiều bọt hay mùi khó chịu
- Xịt ra như nước và không mùi rất dể chịu
* Hướng dẫn sử dụng
- Xịt trực tiếp lên kính để vệ sinh hay có thể xịt vào khăn lau trực tiếp trong điều kiện kính đang bẩn, cách dùng như sau: Xịt 2 lần vào khăn microfiber để lau lên diện tích tương đương ½ kính lái
Sử dụng khăn microfiber sạch, khô để lau lại

How it Works

Window Clean is window magic. It is streak-free, ammonia-free, VOC compliant and safe to use on tinted windows. Window clean sprays like water, there is no foam and no harsh smell. Just spray and wipe and watch dirt, grease, water spots, smudges and just about anything disappear. Window Clean is engineered and developed just for windows for the perfect streak-free results with every wipe. Window Clean features optical clarity technology which provides the user with perfect vision on the road which increases safety. Window Clean is also a versatile glass cleaner that can be used on more than just glass - it can be used to clean plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl, headlights, tail lights, LCD navigation screens and more.

Window Tint Safe

Window Clean delivers professional quality results. Dirt and debris simply disappear with a few sprays. Our unique formula uses advanced cleaners that clean faster while also repelling dirt and dust by reducing static cling. Generic window cleaners leave streaks and can harm window tint. The Window Clean formula will leave a streak-free shine and is safe for tinted windows and plastic. Experience the crystal clear image of Window Clean.

A New Level of Versatility

Window Clean is the world's most versatile glass cleaner. Window Clean is safe on plastic instrument panels, clear vinyl windows, headlights, tail lights, LCD navigation screens and even plastic and glass mirrors. The eco-friendly Window Clean formula works great on clear plastic restoring with optical clarity technology. Window Clean is also safe on tinted windows. Window Clean will remove dead bugs and road grime from your plastic headlights and tail lights. Always spray Window Clean onto towel first NEVER onto electrical components and instrument panels.

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